The company BYM Ingenieros, under its BGR Motorsports brand, participates in the project Development of an electric motorcycle for urban environments with high-performance transmission and energy management systems, with the ultimate goal of developing a new 100% electric urban maxi-scooter prototype high performance. ByM Ingenieros has been working for years to develop totally innovative, high-performance ecological vehicles, focusing on leisure motorcycles for off-road use on Motocross, Enduro or Supermotard tracks, thus managing to reduce the environmental impact associated with this sport, since with This type of motorization completely eliminates CO2 emissions, since it does not require liquid fuels derived from petroleum and can be recharged with electricity anywhere, thus presenting sustainable and efficient energy consumption.


The objective of the project is to develop a new concept of electric vehicle for urban environments, which aims to be a serious alternative to current motorcycles, presenting high performance thanks to the incorporation of a vertical motor with two-speed automatic gearbox and optimal weight distribution. to house a large capacity battery, easily interchangeable. In addition to reducing emissions to zero, this technology will make it possible to reach high speeds on intercity routes and have a high autonomy to travel long distances.


This prototype incorporates a permanent magnet synchronous motor, with a nominal power of 11kW and a constant torque of 90N.m. In addition, this prototype will present a series of novelties and innovations such as:

– Use of a highly efficient combined active-passive battery balancing system (BMS).
– Incorporation of an electronic control unit (ECU) of own development.
– Dual-speed transmission system coaxial with the pivot axis of the swingarm, fully configurable and electronically controllable.
– Development of an oscillating trapezoid front suspension system capable of making braking reactions [...]