More than 20 years of experience in engineering and execution of industrial processes guarantee our capacity to develop innovative projects with the most advanced tools on the market, guaranteeing the best relationship between quality and price on the market in the manufacture of industrial machinery.

Composed of a motivated and versatile team of specialized Engineers and Technicians with extensive professional experience, ByM Ingenieros offers innovative solutions wherever appropriate responses to specific problems are needed, giving the client an advantage over their competitors. The basis of its service is engineering experience, adding great value to the product, without risks or improvisations, demonstrating credibility at the most appropriate cost.

The objective is that the client participates with the help of ByM Ingenieros in the development of the project, from the birth of the process to the design, manufacture and commissioning of the installation. Only in this way can goals coincide, offering customers engineering services in the study of their processes and specifications. The project managers work actively and with open and fluid communication so that the client is permanently aware of the real situation of the project.


ByM engineers offers:

v Global Engineering: Mechanical, Electrical, Programming, Product and Process.

v Manufacturing and commisioning of Industrial Machinery

v R&D projects


Some of our main clients: