Motor+Transmission Model


Traction equipment made up of an M-60Nm-100 electric motor and an advanced 2-speed transmission that allows maximum acceleration from a standstill and top speed.



Compact and Efficient MOTOR

BGR ™ has designed an electric motor with the best technology to achieve maximum efficiency and performance with the least weight and volume, adapting the dimensions to its special and advantageous arrangement on the motorcycle, which allows an appropriate weight distribution and low center of gravity.

The acceleration it transmits is brilliant from a standstill, taking advantage of the high torque available, which allows the absence of a clutch.

Cooling is by air thanks to the dimensioning and arrangement of the fins arranged radially in the areas of maximum heat generation, avoiding expensive liquid cooling systems that complicate and make the motorcycle more expensive.

The absence of brushes reduces maintenance to a minimum, with a long useful life of 18,000 hours.

It is prepared to take advantage of braking energy by recharging the battery and increasing autonomy, either by activating the brakes or by cutting the accelerator, providing customizable engine braking similar to that of combustion engines and efficient braking assistance.

It also has a low-speed reverse gear for easy manoeuvring.


TRANSMISSION Advanced 2 Speed

The characteristics of the electric motor, with high torque from low revolutions, allow it to work with a single speed and without a clutch, but for enduro and supermotard specialties the optimal configuration that allows maximum acceleration from a standstill and a good top speed is using two speeds.

BGR ™ It has a very compact two-speed angular transmission at 90º, with automatic activation by means of a motorized servo selector, with the output shaft for the chain coplanar with the motor shaft and coaxial with the axis of the suspension swingarm, maintaining a vertical position. of the engine on it, which enables the advantageous position of the battery in the front part of the chassis, facilitating its extraction from the bottom.

ByM Ingenieros, S.L. is the owner of Spanish patent nº 201331406 X (pending) dated 09/26/2013, with forthcoming international expansion, referring to this transmission device.


The coaxial arrangement of the transmission output shaft with the swingarm axis avoids intermediate transmissions and unwanted stress on the chain, which is of the reinforced 520 5/8” type. The pinions and crowns of the secondary chain transmission have standard dimensions and number of teeth to have more adjustment alternatives depending on the circuit.