R&D Projects

With the motivation of a highly trained team, projects of high technological value have been developed in the field of vehicles powered by alternative energies.

During the last three years, ByM Engineers has undertaken an R&D project co-financed by the CDTI Industrial Technological Development Center and the FEDER Technological Fund for the development of a high-performance off-road motorcycle for leisure and competition, the prototype of which is in the testing phase.

Regarding the electric motorcycles currently on the market, more advanced propulsion, transmission, energy storage and electronic management systems have been researched and developed, paying special attention to the size, weight and location of the components in the vehicle. so that the dynamic qualities and performance are optimal


Especially important is the arrangement of the electric motor on the motorcycle, in a rearward position on the frame and vertical to the axis of the swinging arm of the suspension, by means of a transmission designed to ensure that the chain’s output sprocket is coaxial with the axis of the swingarm, without intermediate transmissions, leaving plenty of free space in the front part of the frame for positioning the battery and control electronics. In this way, the weight distribution per axle is slightly higher on the rear wheel, as motorcycles of this specialty require. The maintenance of the chain is minimal as it does not suffer unwanted tensions with this coaxial configuration.

The volume of the Lithium Ion battery determines the autonomy of the motorcycle, and its advantageous position in the frame allows for a large capacity, with a low center of gravity and easy and quick access for exchange from the bottom. The charging, discharging and status of the battery is controlled by a self-developed BMS adapted to the needs of charging time, mode of use and available space.

ByM Engineers

More than 20 years of experience in engineering and execution of industrial processes guarantee our capacity to develop innovative projects with the most advanced tools on the market, guaranteeing the best relationship between quality and price on the market in the manufacture of industrial machinery.
Composed of a motivated and versatile team of specialized Engineers and Technicians with extensive professional experience, ByM Ingenieros offers innovative solutions wherever appropriate responses to specific problems are needed, giving the client an advantage over their competitors.


This project is co-financed by the CDTI and FEDER Funds. CDTI-Scooter-Proyectos-ImasD-03-2014separadorFEDER-Scooter-Proyectos-ImasD-03-2014