SCOOTER Electric vehicles

The application of the systems developed in the R&D projects to different types of electric vehicles is simple and highly advantageous.


In cities, the electric vehicle concept has obvious advantages, due to the absence of noise and polluting emissions, the reduced distance of journeys, and the greater possibility of recharging points, and among all vehicles, the scooter is the star, for its agility to move through traffic and its comfort compared to other types of motorcycles.


ByM Ingenieros is developing an electric scooter that meets all expectations, but without giving up a sporty image and dynamic qualities worthy of a conventional motorcycle.

To do this, priority is given to the design of the tubular frame as the main element of the scooter, with a rigidity capable of providing excellent stability, together with quality suspensions and long travel for high ride comfort, in combination with large wheels. diameter (17”) for a scooter that solve the lack of precision and feel of scooters with smaller wheels.

The motor and transmission group is similar to that of the off-road products already developed, as well as the motor and battery management systems, the latter allowing a range greater than 120 km thanks to the 8.4 kWh of power they accumulate.

Road motorcycles with great autonomy for medium distances, competition prototypes for closed speed tracks, quadricycles and buggies are other projects to be developed in the near future.

ByM Engineers

More than 20 years of experience in engineering and execution of industrial processes guarantee our capacity to develop innovative projects with the most advanced tools on the market, guaranteeing the best relationship between quality and price on the market in the manufacture of industrial machinery.
Composed of a motivated and versatile team of specialized Engineers and Technicians with extensive professional experience, ByM Ingenieros offers innovative solutions wherever appropriate responses to specific problems are needed, giving the client an advantage over their competitors.


This project is co-financed by the CDTI and FEDER Funds. CDTI-Scooter-Proyectos-ImasD-03-2014separadorFEDER-Scooter-Proyectos-ImasD-03-2014